Subtask reordering
Tiago Macedo on September 27, 2007, Comments (0)
Subtask reordering
A few Goplan users have requested the ability to reorder subtasks. Now you’re able to do it!

Let us know if you find any issues and feel free to send us feedback for new features/improvements.

Maintenance update
Tiago Macedo on September 25, 2007, Comments (0)
Our hosting provider (Engine Yard) will be performing some maintenance operations on the servers. The maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday 26th) morning at 7AM GMT (25th 11PM PST) and should last for about two hours.

No downtime is expected and an increase in capacity is expected after the operation.

Thanks for the feedback
Tiago Macedo on September 22, 2007, Comments (0)
We’d like to thank all Goplan users who took the time to answer our survey.

We’re now analyzing the results and soon enough we’ll post some conclusions and update our roadmap.

Thanks for all the feedback and if you have anything to add feel free to contact the support team or use the feedback form within the application itself.

6 months on, what’s coming
Fred Oliveira on September 13, 2007, Comments (1)
It’s now been 6 months since we first officially opened to the public, and a about a year after we opened the first version to a limited number of users – so these are exciting times. In 6 months we managed to evolve our initial set of features, improve our service and grow a substantial audience. But we need your help.

We have been thinking about next steps and we are considering a major update to Goplan with not only a batch of functionality updates but new features. We have our own (and huge) list of things to add, update and (eek!) remove. Here’s where you come in: in the past few months we’ve been listening for the feedback you guys left on our blog, through our feedback system (on the bottom of every page of Goplan) and email.

So hey, we have a survey where you can chime in on both our current set of features as well as on things we’re considering for implementation. It’ll help us build new (and hopefully fantastic) stuff to help you in your projects – so if you want to help us out, it’s just 12 questions, and they’re all optional. We’ll post our findings after we collect a decent number of answers and keep you updated on what’s coming.

Click Here to take survey, and thanks!